FAQ - VictoryVR

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If I order an Oculus Go from VictoryVR will I need to install the curriculum myself?

A. Your 64GB Oculus Go will come preloaded with three or more learning units based on your choice of either the Middle School or High School curriculum. You will also be provided a link where you can download the rest of the units onto your computer if you would like to add more units to your GO or you want to uninstall/reinstall the units at your convenience.


Q. Can I buy BOTH the Middle School and High School curriculum?

A. Of course! You can buy the additional curriculum for only $100 more.


Q. How much space will this take up on my Oculus Go?

A. Each of our 24 units will take up about 2 GB of space on your Oculus Go, which is why our bundle includes the 64GB Oculus Go instead of the 32GB version.


Q. What kind of updates are available over time?

A. In the course of producing new VR content we will come across opportunities to improve upon what we have already done. Over time, we will film new 360 videos in unique locations, Wendy Martin will devise new teacher demo experiences, and we will find ways to enhance the edutainment experiences.


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@victoryvr.biz