Collection: Metaversity

What is Metaversity Construction?

VictoryXR builds digital twin metaversities for some of the world’s leading colleges and universities. This includes the grounds, building exteriors and interiors. Even more, the buildings are launched fully ready for large groups of students ready to learn with their professor and other students.

Construction in the metaverse is similar to construction in the real world: it takes designers and builders. In the world of metaversities our designers are called modelers and our builders are coders. 

VictoryXR uses a hyper-realistic model placing trees, walkways, tables and other features in the location of the actual real-world location. Some clients want something other than a digital twin, in other words, they want to dream up a building or facility of the future and have us build it. 

Benefits of Metaversity Construction:

  • For Zoom remote learners, a metaversity classroom is a much better experience. Accessible through a headset or PC, students can work on projects ‘hands-on’, something that is generally impossible for Zoom and other 2D Webinar tools. Chemistry experiments, global field trips and simulations are conducted with a group of students and a professor or through asynchronous assignments. 
  • Remote meeting places for groups of students or employees
  • Simulation labs for training, practice and learning
  • A comfortable, familiar location that can be used for campus tours
  • A classroom that brings context to learning, like a starship for astronomy or dinosaur island for paleontology